We are AVA Architects

We make architecture with soul for people. We want to improve our environment, make life easier, balanced, sensible and effective. From reason and emotion, we always seek to obtain the extraordinary of neutrality.

We are a studio of architects passionate about innovative design and functionality. We fuse classic elegance and contemporary lines, inspired by the rich history of Europe. We value sustainability and energy efficiency in each project. We work closely with our clients to capture their identity and style in unique spaces.

Our talented team is ready to make your architectural dreams come true, from residences to commercial projects. Contact us and let’s build together a future of beauty and functionality in every detail.

Francisco Ortiz Amorós

Architect, urban planning expert

Mar Buendía Olmos

Art Director

Mamen García-Valdecasas Molina

Communications Director

Vanessa Molina de Claramonte

Architect, interior design expert

Ana Maria Bernardeau Navarro

Architect, expert in new technologies