In Spain, currently adapted homes must comply with the measures established by the Technical Building Code (CTE) regarding accessibility and the elimination of architectural barriers. These measures seek to guarantee that people with functional diversity can access and inhabit spaces autonomously and safely.

The CTE establishes a series of minimum requirements regarding dimensions and specific characteristics for adapted homes.

Some of the most relevant measures include:

Housing accessibility: Homes must have accessible routes that allow access from the outside, such as ramps or elevators, and with access doors wide enough to allow wheelchairs to pass through.

Distribution and dimensions of interior spaces: The hallways, doors and rooms of the home must have adequate dimensions to allow mobility and turning of a wheelchair. Minimum widths are established for doors, hallways and maneuvering areas in the main rooms.


Adapted bathrooms: Bathrooms must be accessible, with dimensions that allow wheelchair access and the installation of elements such as grab bars, height-adjustable sinks, adapted toilets and walk-in showers.


Adapted kitchens: Kitchens must have height-adjustable elements, such as countertops and sinks, to allow their use by people in wheelchairs or with mobility difficulties. In addition, adequate approach and maneuver spaces are established.

Installations and systems: Electrical, plumbing and air conditioning installations must be designed taking into account accessibility needs. This includes locating switches, plugs and thermostats at an accessible height, as well as incorporating home automation control systems that make them easier to operate.


These measures of the Technical Building Code are mandatory for all adapted homes, both newly built and those undergoing rehabilitation and adaptation processes. Furthermore, it is important to highlight that these measures go beyond a simple legal obligation, since they contribute to the creation of inclusive environments that promote equal opportunities and autonomy for people with functional diversity.