Solidarity architecture

Solidarity Architecture Building a Fairer Future Architecture is much more than the creation of physical structures. It goes beyond bricks and mortar; It’s about building dreams and possibilities. In a constantly changing world, solidarity architecture emerges as a beacon of hope, opening a path towards a more just and equitable future. What is solidarity architecture? […]

The most spectacular houses built in 2022

The most spectacular houses built in 2022 Every week, architect Vanessa Molina, from Ava Arquitectos, has shown us the most spectacular constructions in the Region of Murcia and around the world. Now, in the last program of the year, we review and learn about the ‘greatest hits’ of the season. Link to the La 7 […]

Professional of the Year Award went to our colleague Vanessa Molina from Claramonte

OMEP AWARDS FOR WOMEN PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR The Murcian Organization of Business, Professional and Managerial Women (Omep) held its XXVI Omep Awards gala, where the awards are given to the businesswoman, professional and manager of the year, in recognition of the work carried out over the years. throughout 2022. She also presented the award […]